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The best technicians will quickly assess the problems and then work tirelessly to solve the problem in minimal time. The professionals at Emergency Plumbing in Birmingham don’t stop at anything until they finish up the job promptly.

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Emergency Plumber in Birmingham, we cover a range of interventions that ensure the repair, maintenance, installation and other operations. Regardless of the magnitude the technicians can solve any problem relating your plumbing system, boiler and water heater.



You can request an intervention, by completing the form, moreover, you can contact us for further information. We will be happy to answer your questions. We are at your disposal 24 hours, and the local plumbers will be in your premises as soon as possible.

Boiler repairs and installations

Boiler repairs and installations

It is essential that you take any sign of a boiler fault seriously; even if you are unable to smell gas but your boiler shows minor signs of breaking down such as increased energy bills. We are familiar with different types of boilers and are available any time to repair boilers. The local plumbers are gas safe registered and therefore you can entrust any work on your boiler.

Repairing and installing air conditioning

Repairing and installing air conditioning

Certainly, an air conditioner is essential for cleaning your air since they can get rid of lousy odors, as well as germs, making the air that you and our family breathe safe. Moreover, during the hot summers it is the only way to escape the high temperatures, therefore the local plumber in Birmingham is at your disposal to repair air conditioning issues.

Leak detection Emergency Plumber Birmingham

Leak detection / leaking pipes

Have you been noticing small puddles of water around your home? Then, your pipes may be leaking and you need to isolate the leak in order to prevent a further damage. But, generally leak detection can be a daunting task therefore we get you in contact with the best plumbers nearby, with the latest technology in order to detect and repair any leaking pipe.

Water heater repair Emergency Plumber Birmingham

Water heater repair

Surely, water heater issues can bring your entire household to a standstill. A properly functioning water heater means that your family can take showers, wash clothes and dishes. So, water heater is an indispensable equipment for our daily routine and therefore needs an expert to get things back to normal.

Overflows Emergency Plumber Birmingham


During storms, tree branches, soil, leaves can block your drainage pipe causing overflows. Basically, an overflow happens when water starts coming back to your house, instead of going down the drain and into the sewers. The local plumbers are equipped with the latest tools in order to repair and prevent overflows.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Generally, blocked drains strike unexpectedly, as a result your household can`t get rid of dirty water and waste. Without a way to get rid of waste, you risk exposing your family to diseases; therefore, you need a real professional to prevent a clogged drain escalating into a bigger problem.

Toilet plumber and repairs Emergency Plumber Birmingham

Toilet repair

Indeed, toilet problems are perhaps the most frustrating of all household problems. A broken-down toilet means that you cannot flush down the stool. Sometimes, the contents might spill over which can be disgusting to clean up therefore you need a fast and professional intervention.

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