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We offer contact to experts for air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair. Indeed, maintaining the right temperature is crucial to your employees and family well-being, because it will improve their focus on their everyday tasks. Air conditioning repair will be carried out at best in a very short time: whether it is a small repair, a replacement, or simple scheduled maintenance. In fact, the prompt, efficient service is backed by the know-how of experienced air conditioning professionals. Moreover, the technicians use up-to-date technology to repair and maintain any service regarding your air conditioning service.

Air Conditioning in Birmingham


We provide 24 emergency services for the repair of the air conditioners. In detail, this means that we provide an active around the clock service throughout Birmingham. In case your air conditioner fails in the weekend, in mid-August or in the middle of the night, and there is a need to intervene fast, especially in case of loss of dangerous fluids, simply contact us. No matter what you need, there is no job either big or too small for experienced technicians.

Air Conditioner maintenance

The cleaning of the air conditioners especially their filter must be carried out periodically because otherwise, it can affect your health. Therefore, the local plumbers offer swift maintenance services in order to keep the air conditioning system in the required parameters. Furthermore, we strive to have the best and most competitive pricing in both the installation and repairs in Birmingham or any surrounding suburbs.

An air conditioner is essential for cleaning your air since it can get rid of lousy odour, as well as pathogens in the air, making the air that you and our family breathe clean. When the home or office air conditioner fails, often excessive heat makes it necessary to intervene as soon as possible. Birmingham 24 guarantees prompt intervention and assistance on air conditioners of all brands. Due to the stock of spare parts, repairs, and replacements of the various parts of the air conditioner will be performed in an exemplary manner.

We provide a variety of air conditioning services such as:

Cleaning dirty coils
Fixing leaking refrigerant
Fixing power issues
Cleaning dirty filters that may allow dirty air into your house
Unblocking condensed evaporator pipes
Repairing fan problems
Fixing broken thermostats

The technicians also install new air conditioners to new properties. Furthermore, they offer replacements of older conditioners that may have served their time.

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